Commitment to Green Design Inspires Green Committee

03/09/10 at 09:51 AM
In recent years there has been unprecedented growth in sustainable design across all of the A/E/C professions. Firms have the opportunity, like never before, to make a positive impact on the built environment by incorporating environmentally friendly technologies into the design, construction and operation of buildings. Certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) have set standards that enable clients and designers to reach sustainability goals for both new buildings and remodeled spaces.
In response to growing interest in green design by both management and staff, Aria Group has established an internal Green Committee to proactively develop sustainable practices across all aspects of the company. The stated mission of the committee is:
“To help promote responsible green initiatives in all practices of
Aria Group Architects, its vendors and associates with the ultimate goal of reducing our impact on the environment by providing increased awareness and education, organized and accessible information and by being an informed liaison for both our clients and employees.”
While the committee does focus on helping staff become LEED accredited (as 11 staff members currently are), being well-qualified to steward projects through the process of LEED certification is only one goal. Implementing appropriate elements of green design as standard practice has the potential to save energy, conserve resources, and reduce costs for the end user even when certification is not being sought. Internally, implementing sustainable practices such as energy efficient lighting and the use of recycled office products can continually reduce our impact on the environment.
Periodically Aria Group’s Green Committee will be sharing information via the “Infinite Ideas” newsletter on these and other topics pertaining to greening of the built environment. More information about Aria Group can be found by visiting our website at or by calling (708) 445-8400. More information about LEED standards can be found on the home page of the U.S.G.B.C. (U.S. Green Building Council).