LED Technology Revolutionizes the Art and Science of Architectural Lighting

01/07/11 at 04:36 PM
Donald E. Stephens
Convention Center
Architect: Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Photographer: Doug Snower
Since the invention of LED lights by Nick Holonyak, Jr. in 1962, the technology has evolved significantly. Originally producing low lumens and only appropriate for uses such as watches, clocks, or other digital displays, modern LEDs can produce brilliant lighting for a wide variety of needs. With the evolution of a range of colors and color changing capabilities LED lends itself to applications as diverse as dynamic color changing stage lighting to pragmatic energy-saving color and white light illumination.
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Architect: Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Photographer: Doug Snower
To get an idea of where the technology is going, we spoke with two lighting professionals that we work with about the impact LED technology is having on architecture today. Here is what they had to say:
Oak Tree Bakery & Restaurant
Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Photographer: Toni Soluri
Brett Gardner
Founder and CEO 
RGB Lighting
“LED's provide the ability to bring a space to life through the use of kinetic light and motion graphics.  The designer may choose a subtle, imperceptible color shift, or make a space dance to the music!  We now have the ability to perform just about any traditional lighting task (wall washing, spot lighting, gobos and texture, large format video display and messaging, task lighting, general illumination, outdoor public space and street lighting, accent, light-emitting surfaces, stage and studio, commercial, residential, landscape) all with no moving parts, extremely long life cycle, extreme energy efficiency, low heat, and a wide array of color capabilities.”
Sushi House
Architect: Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Photographer: Kenta Bacas Hosaka
Avraham “Avi” Mor, IALD,

“LED technology is another tool in a lighting designers tool box, albeit a very complicated tool. Why is it complicated? The standards that we are used to with halogen, fluorescent, and metal halide lamps have not been developed yet for LED technology. Standards such as lamp sockets, ballast form factors, color consistency, life time calculation, as well as others. Yet, there is no other way to do white light tuning or color changing than by using LED technology."
Blue Chip Casino:
The Game
Architect: Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Walt Bukva

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