The Art of Architectural Renderings: Creativity expressed through a variety of mediums

08/31/10 at 10:25 AM
Aria Group Architects utilizes several “mediums” to present our ideas to clients. From rough sketches to finished color renderings, our staff utilizes these skills to assist our clients in visualizing their investment. We do it all in-house giving us the best opportunity to select the appropriate presentation technique for the problem at hand.  With our digital capabilities, we can create small brochures or large billboards of our drawings, giving clients complete presentation flexibility. Also available are 3-D animated “fly throughs” of a space.
We utilize the varied rendering talents of our staff to communicate the essence of our designs to clients and consultants. Renderings not only communicate design to clients, they serve as a tool for our staff to create the design.  Aided by various software, designers can amend concepts and refine compositions until they meet the design goals.  The results provide useful visuals for the construction team and marketing materials for our clients.
Hand Drawn Renderings
Photoshop Renderings
SketchUp Renderings
Mixed-Media Renderings