Want to Differentiate Your Casino from the Competition? Unique Amenities Can Make the Difference

Vegas Baby!, Blue Chip Casino • Photography by Walt Bukva



Gaming has expanded greatly throughout the United States in the past 15 years. A casino built outside of Nevada or New Jersey is no longer the only game in town. As casinos position themselves to compete for gambling dollars they strive to provide a total entertainment experience for their guests, so amenities previously limited to Las Vegas or Atlantic City are now being offered in casino venues throughout the United States.

The Game, Blue Chip Casino • Photography by Walt Bukva 


Upscale hotels with luxurious suites, spas, meeting and banquet facilities are becoming necessary components of a casino development. These amenities not only distinguish a casino from its competitors but also provides considerable additional revenue.

Food and beverage facilities have always been a necessary component of a casino operation. The goal was to keep the casino guest on premises when they were hungry and provide a perk for various patron reward levels. The standard formula included a steak house, night club, buffet and usually a coffee house or deli for late night service.


Joe's Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab, Las Vegas, NV • Photography by Opulence Studios


As more casinos are built the quality of the food and beverage operations becomes ever more important. Even in Las Vegas famous chefs from around the world have been wooed into creating satellite versions of their  renowned eateries on the strip.

In many casino and racing venues outside Vegas and New Jersey the restaurant and entertainment offerings are the best in the region and draw new potential gamblers to the facility. 

Rocks Lounge

Rocks Lounge, Blue Chip Casino • Photography by Mark Ballogg

Sports bars, night clubs, fine dining restaurants, bakeries, delis, and specialty restaurants (such as Italian or Mexican) are being developed to complement the classic buffets.


Even buffets have evolved well beyond the typical “give them a lot of food” philosophy. Food stations with items prepared in front of the guest, elaborate dessert displays, interactive stir frys, sushi and many other innovative selections are offered.

The key is to provide the casino guest with an overall entertainment experience even if they are not that lucky on the casino floor. If guests have a great time they will return often and tell their friends. Patrons want to perceive that they have been given something back by the casino.

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Neilson's deli

Nielson’s Deli, Blue Chip Casino • Photography by Mark Ballogg

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