Masks On Doors Open: A Summary of the Series

We hope you are enjoying the Masks On Doors Open series, and that it is bringing you some useful information. If you’d like to revisit what you’ve read previously, or if you are just finding it for the first time, here’s a recap of all of the posts so far:

Strategizing the New Normal

Over our 30+ years in business, Aria Group has seen dining trends come and go, but we have never seen changes brought about so quickly as with the Covid-19 pandemic. It has got us thinking about how we, as designers, can help lead the charge to reopen and revitalize the restaurant industry.


Paving the Way

As states continue to reboot their economies, and with warmer weather on the horizon, we have been thinking about what would make patrons feel comfortable heading back into the restaurant scene. Viral transmission rates are lower outdoors, and many restaurants have extra outdoor space that could be converted to more profitable use.


Creative Change

Covid-19 is redefining ‘creativity’ as we strategize to meet standards of the new normal.


Your Table is Ready

One question on the minds of all retailers and restaurateurs: How do we create an environment to allow for business to flow as usual, while making a safe space that customers feel comfortable in?


How Does It Look?

As the hospitality world grapples with the changes necessary to reopen in a post-epidemic environment, how can restaurant design create spaces that feel more inviting, exciting, and hygienic?  In this final post in the Masks On Doors Open series, we will explore some ideas we can see happening in the future.