Meet the Team: Jasmine Esquinca

Meet the Team - Jasmine Esquinca

Welcome to another addition of Meet the Team!

Jasmine Esquinca has been with us since early 2016 and she is quickly approaching her 6-year anniversary with Aria Group! During her time here, she has grown into her position as an Architectural Designer. Her expertise has proven to be not only helpful to many of our clients,  but Jasmine has also been a great mentor to our newer team members as well.  She is an asset to our team and possesses a strong eye for design.

Jasmine has contributed to many projects over the years, however her commitment to BJs Brewhouse and True Food Kitchen stand out amongst them.  She has also dabbled with newer one-off concepts such as Baker’s Crust, Bonci and most recently Pinheads.  We look forward to her ongoing contributions with all of our great clients.  Please read on and get to know Jasmine more!

Where did you grow up?  I was born & raised in Chicago. I love this city and its people, culture & diverse architecture.

What project/element/task are you most proud of since being at Aria?  Being part of the Arlington Heights Church pro-bono project team this past year has been the most self-rewarding experience at Aria. I have enjoyed engaging with the Arlington Heights community, presenting new ideas for their sacred space and learning about their perspective on architecture and design.

Meet the Team - Jasmine in NYCJasmine and her husband playing tourist in NYC dreaming maybe she will move there one day.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you choose and why?  My husband & I love New York! I don’t think I would ever live there permanently but I love the idea of living there for a time and experiencing the city’s daily life. It is a city full of history, urban landscapes and amazing architecture, I would love to see it all.

Meet the Team - Jasmine & her sisters
Jasmine and her sisters proudly displaying their professional degrees.

How many siblings do you have and are they anything like you? I am the middle of five daughters, yes five girls! Each of us has our own different personality and profession. From business to education and social work, I am the wild child with the architecture degree.

Where and what did you study in undergrad and/or grad school?  I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Meet the Team - Jasmine in SantoriniJasmine visiting the dreamy white covered Santorini.

Tell us about your best travel story.  Traveling to Italy and Greece with my husband has definitely been the highlight of all my vacations.  With a camera and tourist map in hand we walked our architecture history books as we visited The Colosseum, Vatican City and The Parthenon. Our trip ended on the island of  Santorini where ocean views, panoramic scenery, and breath-taking sunsets made this an incredible destination. We promised to return one day.

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