Pandemic Design: Summary of Series

Pandemic hospitality design

Since November 2019, the world has had a swift and sudden shift to board up their doors and stay isolated from COVID-19.  Amid the panic brought by the pandemic, the hospitality industry has been hit hard – especially restaurants. The passionate individuals providing these services are a cornerstone of our cultural and social interactions. It was only natural for our firm to dig into the current conversation of how this affects restaurant owners, operators, and customers. Through organizing a think tank within our firm, we were able to explore a few viable solutions for Pandemic hospitality design.

Through various brainstorm sessions, we looked at several space plans and how we could maximize the space and guest count, while also remaining socially distant.  We discussed a few solutions for barriers and health monitor checkpoints that both customers and staff could utilize to promote a safe environment.  We researched cutting edge technology solutions and participated in conversations with our engineering consultants to build our knowledge on various methods to improve air quality. The brainstorm sessions led directly to three exploratory case studies at both the restaurant scale and a neighborhood planning scale, to put our initial thoughts and concepts together as a developed project. These case studies were also in response to a call for post-COVID design solutions from NEWH – The Hospitality Industry Network — and published as part of their special issue magazine, “Beyond Covid-19”.

The overall theme explores how we can design better solutions to reduce infection during a pandemic, or better yet – keep the hospitality sector viable and functioning during this time. Each case study took a different approach to achieve a safe social environment. Through a series of blog posts, we have shared these studies with you in hopes that it can help continue the conversation on creating innovative solutions in the face of a pandemic.  Each of the posts are presented below, to catch you up on the conversation.

Restaurant Adaptive Reuse

Pandemic Design: Ingredients for a Successful Post-Covid Restaurant

Our team looked at an adaptive re-use of a neighborhood restaurant to be the communal hub for the locals who the restaurant depends on — enabling the restaurant to safely remain open during a pandemic.  By keeping human interaction at it’s core, the restaurant is able to provide the same level of service through well thought out design solutions that address current challenging restaurant business conditions.


New city streetscape

Pandemic Design: A New City Streetscape

Our proposed scalable solution considers fluid and flexible modifications of a neighborhood streetscape, to allow its businesses to stay open and offer safe and stimulating atmospheres for the community.  By integrating centrally located elements that are shared between retail and hospitality needs, we could be in a better position to respond to a pandemic without as much hardship.


Pandemic Design: Looking to the Future of Restaurant Design

In a future time of social distancing and rigorous safety protocols, Illume enables small groups to dine-out. Various automated and technology forward systems all come together to establish a secure indoor environment.   With the inclusion of on site-farming, this concept makes a step towards becoming more self-sufficient and putting less stress on our current produce systems globally.