Tupelo Honey

  • Location(s): Denver, CO and Frisco, TX

Aria developed fresh interior concepts for their two new restaurants in Denver Colorado and Frisco Texas.  Critical functional components in both locations included an open expediting line with views into the cook line and a substantial draft beer centric bar.  In addition, select bottle beer offerings are featured through a window into the beer cooler.  The design goal was to incorporate and balance some of the disjointed visual elements of existing restaurants into an overall vocabulary distinctive to the Tupelo brand.  Aria also incorporated beautiful art elements created by metal artist Simone Wilson.

The result, a classic yet contemporary design that exudes qualities of southern hospitality and warmth. White washed millwork, rust metal and pops of colorful tile promote these qualities.  Lighting fixtures were selected to work together yet be distinctive. Chalk boards featuring beer offerings provide a hand crafted quality to the space complementing surrounding folk art pieces.  Energetic, hospitable and welcoming are qualities inherent in the food, beverages and service at Tupelo Honey.  These same qualities were important to weave into the new interior design of both restaurants.