Weber Grill

  • Location(s): St. Louis, MO

Weber Grill strived to have an upscale, comfortable, and warm space where people can feel at home. Previous locations carried a heavy, steak-house vibe Weber was eager to shed for a more residential feel. Instead of wall partitions, the restaurant layout utilizes booths and screen walls to break down the scale of the restaurant. This allows for the overall composition to flow between spaces, but does offer separation between the ambiance in the dining room and the energy of the bar.
In the dining room, patrons are surrounded by slatted and charred woods with metal accents and views into the exhibition kitchen showcasing their signature kettles. A suspended metal back bar keeps bottle and glassware storage elevated to allow views through the large peninsula bar making it a place to see and be seen. The bar merges inside and out with operable windows out to the covered patio where people can dine and lounge next to a fireplace.
This Weber Grill Restaurant is a multi-faceted experience. The integration of the Grill Academy creates a unique experience, and allows for either a warm, modern restaurant experience, or an interactive, high-energy event honing one’s grilling and cooking skills. Throughout the restaurant the use of various art media reinforces the history and excitement of grilling. People can eat, drink, socialize, learn, interact, cook and celebrate life through the joy of grilling.