Village Tavern

  • Location(s): Charlotte, NC
  • Size: 2,815 SF

Village Tavern is an American restaurant concept that originated in North Carolina and has a handful of locations throughout the country. The concept caters to the local community and neighborhood and each location has a one-of-a-kind feel.  Eventually however, the individual locations needed updating and it was time to overhaul the look of the concept while still remaining true to its core identity.  
The challenge for the Charlotte location was to give the space a complete cosmetic makeover while keeping within a tight budget.  The overall direction for the interior space was inspired by many unique and memorable establishments the owner visited in New York.  Some original elements, such as the craftsmen wood work, were retained to help strengthen the one-of-a-kind, unique quality that cannot be replicated.  The charm of the local community was portrayed through use of subtle details such as local artwork, local reclaimed wood and the use of the large community tables to draw a younger, more urban clientele.  The end result was a unique American tavern.