Electric Pickle

  • Location(s): Conceptual
  • Size: 2+ acres
  • Project Includes: Concept Design & Planning

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US, and it is especially growing in the southern and western states where it is possible to play year round.
Our client tasked us with exploring the conceptual design of a new multi-acre pickleball entertainment venue. They wanted to create an elevated playing experience and an upscale outdoor environment. A gathering place for guests to enjoy the sport as well as artisan food and cocktails. The development features a 9,000 square foot restaurant and bar with an expansive patio and rooftop bar. Along with 8 pickleball courts, there is a large lawn for hosting live music, fitness classes, and group gatherings, as well as opportunities to play other activities such as cornhole
and bocce. The design overall creates an element of mystery from the exterior view of the venue. As you progress through the entry portal, you are surrounded with a lush landscaped setting and west coast laid back vibe. The restaurant and bar design has clean contemporary lines with a modern farmhouse influence. Unique spaces that are open versus intimate allow for varied guest experiences as they move through the development. The overall atmosphere is casual but elevated — able to transform from day to night for the needs of the brand.