Sustainability: Summary of the Series

We’d like to wrap up our Sustainability Series by providing a quick overview of the things we discussed, as well as leaving you with our promise to continue to research and post about ways to develop more sustainable practices as consumers and designers. We mentioned this throughout the series, but it’s important to recognize that protecting our environment is not about any one person or group doing zero waste perfectly or about a single company becoming carbon neutral. While we don’t want to downplay the significance and relevance of those achievements, we also want to remind those of you anxiously worrying over every plastic bag you’ve ever discarded, that this is also about consistent change. The issue of the health of our planet is about gradual and continual improvement and effort on the part of the 8 billion people who reside here. It’s about all of us committing, together, to take steps in the right direction and continue the conversation on sustainability.

Tortazo by Rick Bayless

Sustainability: Expanding Farm-to-Table

In this first post, we addressed the ever growing farm-to-table movement. We touched on a couple restaurants in the Chicagoland area we were inspired by, as well as the story behind the farm-to-table concept and how you can participate as an individual consumer! Our biggest take away from the research we did here, was the importance of knowing where your food comes from!

The Plant

Sustainability: Pursuit of a Circular Economy

Here we explored how the farm-to-table concept can work in tandem with an understanding of circular economic systems. We took at a look at an amazing example of a “closed loop” system right here is Chicago, as well as addressed (as always) ways in which you can help! In this segment, the focus was really placed on the importance of supporting businesses that are committed to sustainable sourcing, use and disposal of their waste, a.k.a “Green Businesses”!

un-cooked photography by Kevin Hartmann/ Sterling Bay

Sustainability: Waste as a Resource

To conclude the series, we wanted to hone in on waste disposal and the reality of landfills in the US. Within this post, you’ll find some incredible resources to help guide and inspire you on your journey towards zero waste, a peek inside an incredible plant-based restaurant practicing sustainable waste practices as well as some tips to become a more efficient recycler and composter!