Social Purpose

Design for All

Aria Group’s Social Purpose network of people drives our Social Purpose. Our network expands to include our team, our clients, our collaborators — and all the individuals that experience the spaces we create. Life brings us all together, and we at Aria Group use our skills, time and passion to bring design to all. We believe that by working together we improve the world. Alongside our partners, we strive to build a just, equitable, and diverse future.

Offer Something Tangible

Aria Group provides a Volunteer Time Off day to all employees. We encourage our team to devote time for “hands-on” work with community partners. Our volunteer days have ranged from assisting nonprofit organizations, creating renderings and drawings for potential community projects, to helping teachers prepare their classrooms for the year. This allows a wonderful opportunity each year to dedicate their time and creativity to supporting the communities where we live and work.

Collaborate towards Empowerment

Aria Group is proud that our team strives to connect with community stakeholders. We cherish our partnerships and love working collaboratively to create everything from design ideas to built projects.  See below for a selection of our community partners.

Interested in working together to bring Good Design to All?  Contact Us