Promotions: Aria Transition

Aria Group Leadership

These are exciting times at Aria Group! Our firm will be celebrating its 34th anniversary on February 15th, 2023 and we begin our transition to a new chapter. Four of our current Principals, including our three founders – Jim Lencioni, Walter Pancewicz and Joe Vajda, along with Tom Smiciklas – will be stepping back from the firm and transitioning to retirement in the next 1-2 years. Jim, Walter, and Joe, along with Principal Frank Cavanaugh will form our firm’s new Board of Directors.

As the founders step back, we are excited to announce a new leadership team. The selection of our future leaders is the most important action we take to influence the quality and direction of our firm’s future. Each new leader has been instrumental in Aria’s growth and success. Their expertise and dedication will be of great value as they build Aria with responsiveness and creativity.

Chris Hamer – President
Christopher DeBoer – Principal, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Nash – Principal, Chief Operating Officer
Dan Bernatek – Principal, Chief Human Resources Officer
Megan Walsh – Associate Principal, Chief Business Development Officer
Frank Cavanaugh – Principal, Board of Directors

We are also excited to announce the new Senior Associate and Associate classes for 2023. All these Associates continue to lead and innovate within their projects and studios. Elisabeth (Lis) Battle, Matthew Clarke, Joe Junius, and Neal Thompson have been promoted to Senior Associate. Kristin Mrozinski, Shannon Sterne, Ilias Saoukbaev, and Brian Zielinski have been promoted to Associate. As these Associates step to the next level as shareholders, they continue to grow their involvement in firm-wide strategies.

Tomorrow will look very similar to today as we work towards this transition. We have a strong culture around the core belief in client service, which will continue. Join us in congratulating our new leaders. We are excited to see where they can take us next. Find out more about our leaders on our people page. Cheers!