Verdad – Branding

  • Location(s): Austin, TX
  • Project Includes: Architecture, Interiors, and Branding Design

Working with longtime collaborators at Perry’s Restaurants, Aria helped launch an entirely new concept – Verdad – developing a full suite of branding collateral in addition to stunning architecture and interior design. Working simultaneously on the design and a brand identity, the two operate in synchronicity. With one team crafting both aspects, intention and execution intertwine, feeding into each other and adapting as the reality of the concept unfolds. The design team created the brand from scratch, including the logo, merchandise packaging, menu design, and corporate collateral which make up the restaurant’s visual identity. Glassware, tableware, and even music were carefully chosen to establish the right look and mood for Verdad. From business cards to candy containers, the Aria team was able to adapt the branding aesthetic as the concept and needs evolved. As the client explored retail opportunities, mockups and renderings allowed them to understand how items could look and feel in the restaurant space. Utilizing decades of experience and expertise with interiors, the design team approached these elements with the end user in mind. Audience interaction took priority — creating a dynamic visual identity which is immediately recognizable and distinct, developing packaging that evokes the luxe atmosphere even after leaving the restaurant. These assets both complement and balance with the interior while still standing strong outside of the restaurant context. Check out the design of Verdad in our portfolio.