Carve American Grille – Branding

  • Location(s): Austin, TX
  • Project Includes: Branding Design

Working with Carve American Grille, we developed a comprehensive design from the ground up. Included in this was branding of the restaurant. We collaborated with the Perry’s team on tableware selections as well as tabletop accessories such as butcher paper “tablecloths” and branded stamps. We selected uniform pieces and curated an employee lookbook for employee uniform guidance. In collaboration with a graphic designer, we aided in crafting the menus. We even developed the music experience for the restaurant. Not only was this new concept an exciting design challenge, it brought with it unique branding opportunities where we were able to apply our design knowledge in more than just an architectural and interior setting. Having such a deep involvement in different aspects of the design allowed us to adjust and fine tune each element to work seamlessly with the others. A common thread ties every component together, creating an experience which feels lived in and authentic.