• Location(s): Chicago, IL
  • Project Includes: Architecture & Interiors

This indoor/outdoor space provides what very few other restaurants in Chicago are able to: A patio suited for outdoor dining in the fall and spring. Appointed with all the luxurious seating and chic intention of BLVD’s interior, this patio reaches beyond expectations for al fresco dining. Delicate draperies frame the space with a soft, dreamy texture and warm neutral tones, a setting adaptable to any occasion. Tawny wood accents and the dramatic latticed structure overhead add texture and give the radiant sunlight an ethereal, dappled effect. For evening dining and cloudy days, soft pendant lamps illuminate the patio in a diffuse glow. The soft lighting and neutral color palette translate differently throughout the seasons, supplying a dynamic and adaptable setting without the need for décor changes. Landscaping plays a transformative role, adding an additional sense of life, movement, and evolution to the space. Lush greenery interplays with a palette of taupes, creams, and grays in a rich, airy atmosphere. The verdant, genuine plants breathe into the space, helping to elevate the sidewalk patio to a garden getaway. This patio reimagines the possibilities of a patio while delivering on guests’ expectations of al fresco dining: A light atmosphere in which patrons can enjoy fresh air and bask in the city’s energy.