Caesars Entertainment Steakhouse

  • Location(s): Elizabeth, IN
  • Size: 6,550 square feet
  • Project Includes: Architecture & Interiors

This celebrity chef’s steakhouse brand is an expansion of a culinary empire across both the UK and the United States. We worked with Caesars Entertainment and the celebrity chef’s team to bring this concept into focus. The classically appointed space takes inspiration from both the chef’s London roots and its surroundings in Southern Indiana’s racehorse country. Situated in Caesars Southern Indiana Hotel & Casino, we worked with the clients to combine refined British motifs with cheeky personality and the approachable hospitality that has become synonymous with America’s heartland. Stately archways carve out and intimate alcove punctuated by a sprawling display of the robust wine selection.

The structural details imbue the space with an old-world sense of monumentality while subtly nodding to London’s iconic tube system. A warm color palette delicately balances soft neutrals and rich touches of earthy green and orange. Luxe seating and a loungey bar space set a tone for guests to enjoy themselves in the high-end yet playful atmosphere. The exposed kitchen immerses guests in truly experiential dining, tapping into the buzzy energy and spectacle of both the casino and culinary worlds. This modern take on the classic steakhouse honors impeccable taste alongside unique personality and gives patrons a winning experience.