Higgins Row

  • Location(s): Rosemont, IL
  • Project Includes: Conceptual

Aria Group took on this project with the city of Rosemont, IL, to find new use a land parcel on Higgins Road. The space was formerly occupied by an underutilized parking garage and restaurant, and the city was looking to reenergize business in the area. Establishing a functional site plan capable of enticing patrons was paramount. The concept includes three quick-service restaurants and surrounding parking: Small Cheval, Stan’s Donuts, and Big Chicken. Key design goals on this project were store visibility from the street, efficient use of space, and effective traffic flow. The concept includes contemporary detailing offering a framework for each restaurant to assert their brand’s identity. Though the plan relied heavily on usability, we infused this functional space with fresh design elements ensuring both style and performance that last.