Shake Shack – Portland

  • Location(s): Portland, OR
  • Size: 4,063 square feet
  • Project Includes: Architecture & Interiors

Taking inspiration from Portland’s unique lifestyle, this design celebrates the essentials of living well in the city. Now in our 14th year of partnership with Shake Shack, we’ve distilled their modern sensibility and the essence of Portland into simple forms and natural materials, creating a harmonious and visually appealing space. Respecting the building’s history, we preserved the original footprint, height, and structural elements. The exterior design reflects our commitment to the community. Expansive windows forge a connection between the inviting interior and the surrounding green space.

The expansive outdoor patio offers a haven for relaxation and connection. Uncovered and covered seating caters to diverse preferences, while bike parking encourages eco-friendly commutes. A fixed ping-pong table sparks playful interaction, and strategically placed patio lights extend the day’s enjoyment. Nature seamlessly weaves its way into the experience. Built-in planters add a touch of life, further emphasizing the connection between indoors and outdoors. The skilled craftsmanship shines through in the extensive use of glazed brick, its smooth surface accented with the raw, industrial beauty of steel channel inserts. Finally, a local redwood trellis adds a final flourish, its warm texture and local origin embodying the spirit of Portland’s creative community. Along with Shake Shack Portland, we have worked on over 100 Shacks over the years!