Amy’s Drive Thru

  • Location(s): Roseville, California
  • Size: 4500 SF
  • Project Includes: Design & Architecture

Amy’s Kitchen Inc. was launched in 1987 in Petaluma, California after 27 years in the packaged foods industry. The founders of Amy’s Kitchen opened the first Amy’s Drive Thru restaurant on July 20th, 2015 in Rohnert Park, California. The company philosophy is to source local produce from farms and small growers, reflecting their consumer desires for clean label, pesticide-free, organic food. All options can be ordered gluten- free or vegan, while produce is sourced from local vendors within 150 miles. Amy’s is a family business and a proud supporter of environmentally safe practices not only within their products and suppliers but also in their design and the way they integrate within the community they serve. The restaurant space speaks to the brand’s mission by incorporating a living roof, solar panels and utilizing as many natural materials as possible for an honest approach to design. Aria Group along with Amy’s team have given special attention to ensure that the space works efficiently while also staying true to the brand and their values.