Madison Oak Park Development

  • Location(s): Oak Park, IL

This project incorporates the 700 North Block, 600 North Block and 700 South Block of Madison Street.  The inclusion of a bend in Madison Street provides land area necessary on the 700 South Block to develop a large footprint retail building not possible within the current street/alley grid.  The Developments plan of all 3 blocks will incorporate the streetscape redesign of Madison Street currently being developed by the Village.
The 3 blocks will be integrated together with structures that provide comprehensive pedestrian, vehicular and bicycle access.  In addition, building materials and set backs will be incorporated into the blocks in a way that enhances the pedestrian experience and promotes the feeling of accessibility and openness.  Building setbacks and stepped facades will allow area for outdoor spaces such as seating areas, cafes and landscaping.  The development plan will bring together uses that will activate Madison street with high quality residential units, retail shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes and meeting places for the community. Altogether, the development plan will create a town center ambiance from Oak Park Ave. to Wesley Ave. and serve as the spring board for future growth and development of the entire Madison Street corridor.