MSI Chicago – Museum Kitchen

  • Location(s): Chicago, IL
  • Project Includes: Design & Architecture

While the exhibits at the Museum of Science & Industry Chicago are the main attraction, the Museum Kitchen is an essential amenity supporting the guest experience. The Aria team revitalized the space using classic but modern art deco design elements that pay homage to the year this space was opened. A sliding brass gate adorns the main entry to the food vending area while terrazzo blankets the floors and carries throughout the dining spaces. Working with kitchen consultants at Boelter, we achieved a beautifully cohesive, modern look. The North Dining area incorporates a floating cloud ceiling element to soften the space and features a “Curiosity Cabinet” planned to showcase unique artifacts and carry the museum experience into the dining experience. The South Dining area is comprised of two separate rooms that mimic each other in design, creating cozy dining spaces with soft curves and overarching soffits. Terrazzo creeps up the walls in high traffic areas for maximum durability while the walls and floors in other areas are clad in large format porcelain tiles. Wood tones, brass trim, and lighting elements breathe personality into this elevated, classic space. Fun fact: The letters M-S-I are hidden in within the design of the entry gates. Can you find them?