Oak Park Live/Work

  • Location(s): Oak Park, IL

The concept behind Live/Work is not a monolithic phenomenon. While often residential in character, these developments can offer mixed-use environments that promote small business, retail, and housing components integrated into a single land use. Live/Work developments are communal in nature and can realize the benefits of quality of life, reduced commuting demands, and promoting greener footprints. Aria Group developed this planning approach for a parcel of underutilized land in Oak Park, IL. Situated among other multi-family housing along a major traffic thoroughfare, the plan integrates a flexible townhouse configuration with restaurant/retail opportunities and a multi-story, dividable loft office structure. Building positioning and an office green roof amenity take advantage of solar influences and surrounding building masses. Interconnected with pedestrian walkways and bridges, the concept makes use of land that bridges the divide between a commercial and residential context.