Quarantine 2020 Wrapped

It is crazy to think it’s been over a year since the pandemic began and almost a year since our office started working remote.  So much has happened. It has been the longest year, but also feels like it has flown by.  As we dive into this new year and look forward to getting back to normal thanks to the vaccine, we asked our team to take a look back.  They shared what they discovered about themselves while working remote, what they cooked, and, most important, what they watched on TV while stuck indoors!   We all learned so much about ourselves and spent quality time with our families and close friends (if in our quarantine bubble) — many of us really slowed down and spent our time very differently than in years past.  We are very much looking forward to what 2021 brings and finally getting to enjoy dinner indoors at a restaurant — with our coworkers and clients.  Hope to see you soon and give you a big hug rather than just a mental hug!  Check out more of what our team said here.

Recap: Top Posts 2020

As we look forward to a new year of posts, we thought we would revisit our greatest hits of 2020. As we checked our stats, we were not too surprised to find that our top five all have some relation to the story of 2020 – the pandemic. We sought to take a positive spin and push our creativity, while helping to find solutions to tough problems. We hope you find the same.

Masks On Doors Open – Our series on reopening restaurants safely.

Pandemic Design – We produced a series of case studies for a special Covid themed edition of NEWh Magazine investigating how we can practice safer design for projects at various scales.

Walter’s Favorites: Take-Out – Our principal, CFO, and resident foodie shared his favorite local spots to order-in.

Parklets + The Evolved Patio –  Outdoor dining was a hot topic in 2020. This article explores options to expand and improve patio design.

Designer Tips: Home Work Stations – As most of us settled in for a year of remote work our designers share some tips to make your home work station a better place to be.