• Location(s): Austin, TX
  • Size: 10,312 square feet
  • Project Includes: Architecture, Interiors, & Branding

Having worked with Perry’s on restaurant concepts and branding projects for more than a decade, Aria Group was excited for the opportunity to bring their latest vision to life. Verdad is a fine dining experience that aims to immerse guests in a genuine celebration of Mexican culture past and present, and the design embodies the concept entirely. The atmosphere pulls from styles and movements throughout Mexican history, utilizing a blend of natural materials, vivid colors, and abstracted traditional forms. We set out to create a distinct visual character blending the roots of Mexican culture with its ever-evolving present. Bringing the client’s signature flair and gourmet interpretation to traditional favorites, this project honors the past, present, and future of Mexican hospitality and Tex-Mex cuisine – shining a light on the varied influences which make this food culture richly complex and delicious.  With a delicious menu developed by Chef Rick Moonen and the Perry’s team, Verdad is a unique modern Mexican culinary experience.

The central bar sets the visual tone. Seamlessly flowing from the floor to the bar, a sprawling custom terrazzo installation envelopes the bar in graphic lines. The intricate artwork evokes the detailed decorative tiling of the Spanish colonial period. While the abstract organic shapes and vibrant colors pay homage to indigenous artistic forms and the rich hues associated with contemporary Mexican handicraft. This striking focal point draws attention and establishes a gathering place, a physical embodiment of the social and interactive nature of hospitality. The seamless atmosphere encapsulates the beauty of making and sharing a meal — of nourishing soul and body. It highlights food and dining as an active and common experience, honoring Mexican traditions around dining. We had the full experience in mind when designing this project – check out our work on the Branding Identity for Verdad.